Update on the Bramaking sew-along

So I got a bit disappointed when I read over at Cloth Habit that rigid cups may not be covered in the sew-along because I never wear soft cup bras. When I say never, I mean it : NEVER EVER EVER ! (Except a journelle bralette, but that’s  for those open back shirts in the summer). Anyway, I decided to give it a go even though I may fail miserably… I found a pattern that is my style and it’s Amelie 2 from Sewy. Of course, Sewy is a german only website and I don’t speak a single word of german. Thanks to google translate I managed to order a kit of black blue lace 

Lace black blue 17,5 cm meter

And the pattern looks actually quite similar to what I would wear :

Blue black lace bra 17.5 cm Nähpaket Amelie 2

I expect the instructions to be in German only so it’s the beginning of a long and probably painful journey…. I already can’t get a word of my confirmation email!

In other news I have two coats to show this week (when I have time to go out and take pictures) and a Breakfast at Tiffany’s sleeping mask so stay tuned!