Tidbits #4

Dear readers,


I hope you are enjoying the weekend. I am finally catching up on sewing plans I have been delaying and I’m finally making some progress. For today’s edition of Tidbits I gathered some information about making an arm for your dressform.

chambray-draping-5Sewing Bits

  1. First I thought I would mention this nice blog I follow : Note to self. I just love the short note style and the pretty nordic style pictures!
  2. This post from Cloning Couture, is what reminded me about arm making. Mary is even offering her pattern for free!
  3. I drafted mine (above) from a book one of my professor had when I took classes at FIT Integrating Draping, Drafting and Drawing. I’m fairly certain this is the method referred by Pandemic Apparel, unfortunately the post is old and all the pictures are gone…
  4. The last one, I’m terribly curious about. It’s from researcher Rickard Lindqvist who write all sorts of complicated interesting things about pattern making. His free pattern is a 3D simulation of an arm. It looks so unusual. If anyone you make it I hope you will let me know!!

Other Bits

  1. I’m not a quilt person, but I thought those modern designs by Louise Gray were very pretty and would fit very nicely in my apartment…
  2. I have a total crush on the Fall 2017 RTW collection by Christian Dior. I just want to dress in subtle shades of navy all day, every day!
  3. Talking about Dior, here is an nice Instagram accountnice Instagram account of a “petite main” who works as an extra during runway season. Enjoy!

That’s it for today, I hope you still find Tidbits interesting! Please let me know what you have been reading/watching/listening to!

6 thoughts on “Tidbits #4

  1. 24

    Those weeks I’ve been dreaming with the last Nani Iro collection (and with the picture of this page : http://naniiro.jp/sumau/ )
    I’ve bought for the first time digital Threads magazine and I’m planning to use the article on knit sleeve drafting (feb/mar 2017) to fit my first knit pattern made to my measurements.
    And you might have seen it, but I really liked the organza sweater made by Cécile Gray (here : https://www.instagram.com/p/BRL4yPGgS48/?taken-by=_madeby6_).
    And one more thing :-), I often think about an article you quoted in your tidbits, which said practicing is the best way to learn doing the right way. I found it liberating, because it is ok to do something that isn’t perfect for the first times, the hands have to learn too !

    • Sewing Tidbits

      This nani iro collection is superb… I’m thinking about buying the quilted version of springs or birds humming to make a spring jacket for the little human… We will see.
      If you are looking into knits, have you tried the SBCC free t-shirt pattern? It’s fitted and it would be a very good base for further drafting.
      Thanks for reminding me of Cecile Gray’s account. I do follow her but for some reason her posts don’t show up in my IG feed (grrrr Instagram…)
      I’m glad that Tidbits contributed to more peaceful sewing. I should remind myself of that more often. I’ve been so self-critical these days that it took some joy out of sewing…

      • 24

        I’m going to do a jacket to my daughter with a quilted one this spring 🙂
        Thanks for the info about the free pattern, I didn’t knew this one. But I’ll try drafting my sleeves anyway, I’m curious about it !

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