Things I made, episode 1

Dear readers,

Exactly a year ago, I was sleeping all the time and outgrowing every single piece of clothing I owned. Morning sickness, elasticated pants, it was a bad baaad time… In addition, I just had sewn garments I really liked and couldn’t wear even once. The good news in this story, is that 1/ the most wonderful little human now lives with me and 2/ I can wear those clothes now! I’m going to play catch up and show you my early 2016 sewing.

lined pencil skirt Sewing TidbitsSo first on the list is very classic pencil skirt made in black wool twill from Moods in New York City. I always mean to invest more time (and nice fabric) in wardrobe workhorses and this time I did it! I didn’t get distracted by a cute print or a pattern release! I used my own pattern, available for free here if you sign up for the mailing list. Don’t worry, there is no risk of receiving too many emails from me. I’m even worse at newsletters than I am at blogging…


I drafted a lining for this version, which I keep hoping to also make available but time has been flying. Basically everything is ready but I should really proof it (ie. sew another skirt from it) before I spend time laying it out in Illustrator. If you are a risk taker, know how to bag a lining and want to help, email me!

I’m very happy with this garment and I’ve been wearing it several time already since I went back to work. I’m afraid there is not that much to say about this skirt, except that trying to show the vent leads to pretty awkward poses… So let’s move on to the next item!


This one is a bias silk tank top. It’s unlined and I finished the edges with a narrow bias binding (about 1/8″ finished width). It was my first time using a bias tape maker and I did a bad job. Hopefully no one will come close enough to notice… The fabric is a lovely silk that Eira from The Pattern Line bought for me at Moods when she came to Haiti for a sew-cation. Sewing friends are the best friends!!

The pattern for this one is also my own, based it on my white slip dress. But if you are looking for a pattern to make something similar, we just released a bias tank top pattern through Just-Patterns. It features the same techniques (french seams, spaghetti straps and a baby hem). I know, I know, it’s one more shameless plug and I still haven’t taken the time to explain why this project is so important for me.I’m working on it, I promise!

That’s it for today, next time I will be back with another slip dress which you may have already seen on Instagram. I’m still debating if I should post about the maternity sewing, I haven’t been very successful apart from the 2 shirts I posted last year, we will see. It looks like I’m back to blogging more regularly. Oops, did I just jinx it by writing that? But I’m actually enjoying it again. Let me know what you think in the comments!!

15 thoughts on “Things I made, episode 1

    • Sewing Tidbits

      I’m quite petite (5’3″) and small myself. Our smallest size is a real “European” 34 and this is the size I’m using for myself. In height, the patterns are more for a 5’5″ figure so I have to remove some length. I will make sure to document my changes when I present here garments I made from our patterns. I hope you give them a try!

      • droppingdaisies

        very good to know! I’ve purchased the slip dress pattern and look forward to making it. I imagine you removed height from both the bodice and the hem?

        I look forward to your posts on your patterns!

      • Sewing Tidbits

        I find bias is very forgiving when it comes to fit so you should be fine just taking the height out at the hem. The bodice height you will be able to adjust with the straps length. Let me know how it goes!

    • Sewing Tidbits

      Thank you Mary! I saw your post with the arm pattern and thought that maybe you were working on that. I figured out a few things about the whole pdf thing let me know if you have questions!

    • Sewing Tidbits

      Merci Rachel!! Ca dépend vraiment de ce que tu aimes porter… Si la première chose que tu attrapes le matin dans ton dressing c’est une robe fleurie, alors c’est logique d’en coudre beaucoup!

      • 24

        Tu as raison ! Mais ce serait utile certains matins où j’ai envie de prendre de la distance avec “moi-même” 🙂

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