Open Skirt Project

Dear Readers,


I will not apologize for the long absence, as it seems to be too common around sewing blogs (especially this one). There is a flu going around Haiti and I’ve been so sick that I could not participate in round 2 of the PRSewingBee. For me, that means very VERY sick… Enough on my disappointment, let’s have a look at V3 of the Open Skirt Project! For my next versions I will start using Size 1 for myself instead of size 2 as I like a closer fit. I’m very happy with the lowering of center front:

V3 Open Skirt Project

I did manage to send out the first newsletter of the Open Skirt Project and to update the pattern based on feedback and my own toile of version 3 (up). If you are interested in trying it out check out the size chart below:

Size Chart

Please take into account that although there will be instructions in the future, currently you have to be able to sew it on your own! For version 4, The PDF layout has been entirely redone and now you can use the layers in acrobat reader to print only the size(s) that you want!

If you are interested in trying out V4 of the pattern and receive the updates, please sign up for the newsletter (I promise I’m way too busy to send it often so there is no way you feel spammed).

I will be off for a week to Dominican Republic and I have not been doing much sewing lately but hopefully I will have things to show before the end of the year…

3 thoughts on “Open Skirt Project

  1. Stephanie

    So sorry to hear that you’ve been ill. I wanted to participate in the project but I ended up developing a pattern for a skirt myself as I had a particular idea and fabric in mind and have limited sewing time as well. I like the fabric you used for this one and I agree about lowering the front darts. Take care of yourself!

  2. Jana

    Glad you’re back and doing better! I was getting a little worried because I hadn’t heard from you in a while. As for limited sewing time, I hear you. I have a lot of time, actually, but I keep wasting it because I can’t decide what to make next, there’s always so much I want to make! I’ve cut out the toile for your skirt, but still haven’t sewn it up. Sigh. Perhaps this weekend!

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