Photography for sewing bloggers – My plan to improve

Dear readers,


First, hello from Panamá! In the middle of my holidays in Guatemala, i’m attending a work training and I will be back in Haiti next week. I used the opportunity of being in Guatemala and Panama to buy some sewing notions (nothing exciting), and I found a beautifully cheap washed cotton but the best part is that I BOUGHT A CAMERA!!


I think you all noticed that photography for sewing it is a pretty popular topic these days. It’s something that I mentioned before, photography is one source of embarrassment and an element stopping me from starting a blog before. I knew, I would want to show pretty pictures but the whole things felt very overwhelming. However, after reading the great great posts from Amy and Heather about the mirror less cameras, I finally found the courage to upgrade from taking my pictures with an Iphone. I was always scared of DSLRs and there size makes me think that I will never carry one around, so the Sony Nex 6 felt like a perfect compromise for now. I am slowly working my way through a book (this one if you are interested) and I chose not to purchase a prime lens yet. This will be my reward if I go through the whole book AND put it in practice.

I also started using Lightroom about two month ago but I don’t know if you can already see the difference. My latest Lekala dress, the black Nettie and my linen shorts pictures were all edited in Lightroom. Obviously there is a learning curve, but as described by Heather, it makes the editing much faster. One other thing that I really like, is the LR/Blog preset that I bought. It allows me to automatically export my pictures to my wordpress media library. Totally worth 8 euros!!

I have several items to show. However, the pictures have been taken on my Iphone so do not expect to see changes too soon. I hope that within a month I can welcome you to a new and updated visual universe… (What? Am I being over ambitious here??)

Now I would LOVE to hear about your favorite (beginner-friendly) resources for photography and post-processing! Do you have a favorite book? Blog? Do you use any Lightroom presets? Let’s help each other!

6 thoughts on “Photography for sewing bloggers – My plan to improve

  1. Sasha

    Nice camera … hope you’ll get lots of wonderful pictures out of it! I’m a canon reflex girl myself: been using them since before the digital boom so … why change! Although there’s a Leica compact that I think is the perfect blogger camera and really tempts me. My “battle” camera that I use for blogging does not have an ir remote so the difficult part, for me, about photographing garments (on myself) is to get somebody else to do it :b … at least outside. – that is a set of problems you might not have because of the built in wi-fi connectivity your camera has!!!
    I can’t wait to see your new pictures!

  2. Natalie

    Looks like a perfect camera to begin your photography journey! I have the Sony DSLR, your camera’s big brother, and it’s really nice to use. I might venture out and buy a higher spec one though soon :-/ I’m on a macbook and use Fotor or picmonkey for editing…nice and simple but effective 🙂

    • Sewing Tidbits

      Hi Natalie! When I listen to your comments and I read other photography enthusiasts, I get really scared! You all have super nice cameras but you all want to upgrade 😉 Is it like sewing machines? Is the bug going to bit me?

  3. Andrea

    I too have worked diligently to improve my sewing photography. It has been fun, to say the least. I have always been the photographer in my family, thus, my camera upgrade to my Nikon 5200 wasn’t totally blog related. I am glad I upgraded from the Nikon point and shoot I was using. My family has been freed from the dreaded “photo shoot” duties, and now love seeing how quick I can produce great shots using the tripod and a remote control plus wi-fi connectivity. I prefer to take my pictures inside, in front of a white backdrop to avoid the heat outside. It is common, that by the time I get my great shots, I am sweaty and my garment get droopy quickly.

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