A simple black Nettie dress

Dear readers,

Do you realize that as seamstresses, we tend to overanalyze our wardrobe? I mean who else spends these hours reading about the Wardrobe Architect, or every current and vintage wardrobe/style advice ever printed? I, for example, am having a massive style crush on Un-fancy. Even though her style is much much more casual than mine, and I have 0 plans to get dressed with 37 items, I am addicted to her daily remixes and the clean feeling of her pictures. And even after all our careful analyze and planning we get distracted by the latest pattern release or a nice print at the fabric store…

Finally let’s also be honest about one point: having a blog does change what you sew, because for instance neon color will pop on the screen and social media, as well as pretty prints. For some of us it’s ok, because it is actually our uniform, but for others it is not. As I am now just 1 year before 30, and I’m starting to admit that I don’t wear that many eye-popping color and prints. I will keep enjoying them on other blogs and once in a while fall for distraction bu, sewing my “birthday dress” meant sewing something that will come out of my closet every time I need to “fancy” up myself!

What can be better than a black Nettie dress from Closet Case files then ?? Nothing.wpid830-Black-nettie-dress-35.jpg wpid828-Black-nettie-dress-29.jpg wpid819-Black-nettie-dress-15.jpg

I made this dress before, so I did not change anything, except that I did not add bra cups inside. The fabric is a viscose jersey bought in Paris while I was there in June (at Sacré Coupons), and although it is very soft, it is slightly less stretchy than the printed lace I used for my previous version. Therefore, I am trying to feel what the reviewers stated about the arms being on the tight side. However, please note that I use the smallest side of the initial pattern release, before Heather corrected it.

wpid826-Black-nettie-dress-27.jpg wpid824-Black-nettie-dress-19.jpg wpid821-Black-nettie-dress-16.jpg wpid817-Black-nettie-dress-3.jpg


I have several garments to show here, including some that are not even photographed yet. Last weekend I did try the Named Shadi skirt and made 2 (knit skirts, so fast…). BUT it is this time, you know the one that comes every 8 weeks. I will be traveling to Guatemala (for rest) and Panama (for work). I have hopes to take pictures before and write blog posts during my holidays. We will see how this goes.

Now, I would really like to hear about your strategies to make clothes that suit your lifestyle and not be distracted by pretty prints and patterns releases !



13 thoughts on “A simple black Nettie dress

  1. Rebecca

    Love your black nettie dress! It looks both classic and comfortable. This was a great post- I know my sewing has definitely changed since I started blogging and I really spend way too much time planning my wardrobe. Right now I’m working with Into Mind’s new wardrobe workbook and planning out my fall sewing- trying to stick to my goal of comfort and practicality. It is so hard to resist the new & pretty!

    • Sewing Tidbits

      Thanks Rebecca! Talking about distraction and wardrobe overanalysis, I could not help but go over the Into Mind blog to check out the workbook. And now I am so tempted… (the fact that I am working on an extremely boring work report may have something to do with that though…) So do as I say not as I do!!

  2. Sara

    Beautiful, very flattering dress. You’re sure to wear it a lot! Here’s what I do: at the end of each season, when I switch out the clothes in my closet for the new season, I evaluate how well adjusted I felt my wardrobe was, what I was missing. I write it all down, so when I start sewing for that season again, I’ll remember what I really needed.

    • Sewing Tidbits

      Thank you Sara! I love how practical your approach ease!! No need for fancy template or step by step approach, just writing it all down! I took a massive amount of clothes out of my closet over the last year. Maybe I should write down what I learned from that!!

      • Sara

        We learn from experience, so yes, I’m sure that taking notes about how and why you did this closet cleanse would be very helpful in assessing your needs. Summer isn’t over yet, but I can already make a few observations about my current summer wardrobe. For instance that I was perfectly happy wearing blue and white almost exclusively and that I could use a few more sundresses. I want to sew for fall now, but when I start sewing for summer again 6 months from now, these observations will be very useful to me.

  3. Rachel

    I love your nettie dress, so flattering! I follow a similar technique to Sara but not so well organised! As each season comes to end I like to sort through my wardrobe and clear out anything too hot or too cold for the coming months. This gives me a good idea of what I’m missing and also clears some space for the odd pretty prints and patterns.

  4. Lindsay Woodward

    Nettie makes the perfect little black dress! And you look great in it!

    I’ve definitely starting sewing differently since I’ve been blogging. I think overall it’s been a good thing because I’ve been a lot more adventurous and discovered some styles and colors that I really love, but wouldn’t normally have tried. It is hard not to be tempted by every new trend or pattern release though. The Wardrobe Architect series was really helpful and I’ve been making seasonal lists of what I want to sew and sticking to them pretty well. Before I buy a new pattern I really think about whether the silhouette will work on me and whether it’s something that I’ll actually wear day-to-day. It’s also taken me a while to realize that the colors I’m attracted to when buying fabric aren’t necessarily the colors I look the best in! I really like pale earth tones, but I look much better in jewel tones. So now that I’ve gotten my silhouettes down pretty well I’ve been trying to work on color and pattern!

  5. petite josette

    I would say that I am mostly influenced by fabric I find rather than patterns. I’ll see a fabric that I fall in love with, and instantly think about what to make with it, what type of garment it would work for, and I go from there. I have gathered so many Burda magazines over the years, and there are so many patterns in them that I want to try (and so little time), that I can’t justify buying every new independant pattern that comes out or that I see a pretty version of. I love reading sewing blogs and seeing what other sewists outthere are doing, and sometimes I see a piece that I want to steal from them. I would say that both my wardrobe and my sewing have also evolved with my job as I am now able to wear pretty/fancy clothes to work when a few years back, jeans and t-shirts were more recommended..

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