Perfect T-shirt: FREE PATTERN ALERT !!

I try to force myself to work with knits to improve my serger skills. It’s hard because the results are not yet to my standard but it’s a humbling experience after 14 years of sewing… Now for the pattern, don’t go, RUN to get Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick Tonic T-shirt pattern!! Why ? It’s FREEEEEEEE and it’s PERFECT!


Now, the only thing you have to be careful about is measurements: it’s very close fitting so make sure your knit has the proper amount of recovery (printed on the instructions so yay!!) and adjust the length if needed. I’m 5’3″ and because I wear my bottoms either high waisted or pretty low on the hips, next time (oh yes there wil be many next times!!) I’ll add 2″ to make sure that I don’t expose my tummy in the office… Also, I have one less positive comment about the pattern, it’s a tiled PDF and there are no marks for where to join the pages. Since it’s just a t-shirt and you can just make sure lines are straight, it’s ok but I hope that for their more complex pattern SBCC is including this marks!


I love everything about this pattern, the instructions are great (closer result to RTW), the scoop neck is nice and wide, the drafting is perfect, the fit is great and did I say that it’s free ?? This blue knit is from my last hangout with Lakaribane in Pétionville (did I say that she’s evil?? She shows you around Port-au-Prince, take you to eat delicious lobster and gets you to buy fabric to justify her own addiction… I’m telling you, she’s dangerous 😉 )



For the construction, I serged all seams as per instruction, starting with one shoulder, finishing the neckline (hum hum, a lot of room for improvement here), serging the second shoulder, adding the sleeves, serging side seams and underarms seams at once and then serging and double stitching the hems.

The usual dressform shots: IMG_0830IMG_0831IMG_0832

And to my shame the close-ups where you can see my less than perfect work on the neckline. Do you have a tip to cut a constitent 1/8″ with the knif of the serger or do I have to get use to it?

IMG_0833 IMG_0834 IMG_0835

As you can see, the final result is quite close fitting. I used size XXS but I want to try to go up 2 sizes to make a loose version out of this amazingly soft and beautiful vintage silk jersey I just got in Paris. WHAT? Did I say vintage french silk jersey ? Yes… A fabric p*rn post from my trip back home is on the way…

Any tips for my serger learning curve?


11 thoughts on “Perfect T-shirt: FREE PATTERN ALERT !!

  1. Lakaribane

    I will address your spurious allegations in private correspondance, never fear.

    Meanwhile, let’s talk about SKCC patterns! I was supposed to test the Tonic,what?, two weeks ago as announced in the thread I started on PR’s Petite Board. Never got to it. Electrical problems, again.

    I hardly recognize the fabric, it was so soft and supple, that t-shirt must be a dream to wear.

    (However, I have jumped right into the fire and now have the Empire top with the gathered peplum. Going to try it out this loooong we and post+review it asap.)

    Re: regular seams on the serger, I still do my share of zigzags but I use masking tape a lot and my machines are marked with Important Info like : threading order, Specialty seam widths etc.

    While you were gone, the gov supposedly is trying to get us on Paypal’s list. I have a story or two to share about that. Ebay is practically forbidden to me because Paypal thinks our banking is unreliable or something.

    Of course, this could mean the end of my budgeting…

    Anyway, you make me want to dig into my stash and see what is t-shirtable. Maybe that orange UFO I was crying over a few months ago. IIRC, it’s a rayon lycra knit…

    And you better be working on that fabric pr*on post, missy or else!!! LOL

    • The Sewing French Girl

      Your comments are so dense… I think everybody can see through your little game here. You pretend that we are going to meet to discuss haitian politics and banking system and BAM I go home with 3 pieces of fabric!

  2. Sheena

    Ooh thank you! At last a pattern company that caters for those of us under 5’6″ tall (I’m only 5′). I’m off to download the pattern now.

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