Breakfast at Tiffany’s sleeping mask DIY

Just like last year, I made a costume to attend this French party in the Upper East Side. This year the theme was “Nuit Blanche sixties at Tiffany’s” (Sleepless Sixties Night at Tiffany’s) and I decided to go as Holly Golightly in the first scene of the movie (when she wakes up).

To make the sleeping mask, I used this GREAT tutorial at Trinkets in Bloom:


The blue felt is from one the fabric stores in the garment district (can’t remember which one) and all the trimmings are from M&J Trimming. The eyelashes were long fringed that I trimmed. The eyes were the most expensive part of the mask as they are Svarowski crystals.


I made it while watching the movie, the day of the party. I was my first time with a glue gun so it got a bit messy… The rest of the costume was a man shirt from H&M size XL and ballet flats, SUPER EASY !!

In other news, today I’m wearing the illusion jacket from Burda 10/2012 that I was talking about here, but I did not have time to take pictures yet…

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