Update on the Bramaking sew-along

So I got a bit disappointed when I read over at Cloth Habit that rigid cups may not be covered in the sew-along because I never wear soft cup bras. When I say never, I mean it : NEVER EVER EVER ! (Except a journelle bralette, but that’s  for those open back shirts in the summer). Anyway, I decided to give it a go even though I may fail miserably… I found a pattern that is my style and it’s Amelie 2 from Sewy. Of course, Sewy is a german only website and I don’t speak a single word of german. Thanks to google translate I managed to order a kit of black blue lace 

Lace black blue 17,5 cm meter

And the pattern looks actually quite similar to what I would wear :

Blue black lace bra 17.5 cm Nähpaket Amelie 2

I expect the instructions to be in German only so it’s the beginning of a long and probably painful journey…. I already can’t get a word of my confirmation email!

In other news I have two coats to show this week (when I have time to go out and take pictures) and a Breakfast at Tiffany’s sleeping mask so stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Update on the Bramaking sew-along

    • The Sewing French Girl

      Yes it would be my first one. I would love tp see your material, I’m sure it will be helpful! My email : sewingtidbits at gmail dot com!

  1. Amy

    Hey there, I replied to your comment in my blog but found your post, too! This is a pretty bra pattern! It’s a partial band balconette bra which is different technique than what I’m covering in the sew-along but I’m also going to show how to change a lot of things about a basic pattern that are really easy to do (move straps, change the shape on the top of the cup.) Very, very easy design stuff. Foam cups are fun to sew and you can actually turn most any bra pattern into a foam cup pattern. I’d go crazy trying to cover every kind of bra technique, but I do have a tutorial coming up in february showing how I converted to foam for one of my bras.

    For what it’s worth, I never wore a soft cup bra until two years ago when I first made my own. Mostly because foam cups were all I could find in my size. Having a great-fitting bra has really changed how I feel about soft cups! Super pretty and comfy and a whole different kind of sensual!

  2. Maddie Flanigan

    Hi! I found your site through Amy’s blog Cloth Habit and I LOVED it! I recently got into sewing lingerie and although I’m not participating in Amy’s sew-along, I’ll be following all of its participants! I can’t wait to see how yours turns out!

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