Another shiny pencil skirt

When I was shopping for the brocade skirt, I also found this geometric print with a golden thread at Paron in New York. I’m not sure of the composition, I believe it’s some sort of blend.

Of course, all the pictures are ‘before-Sandy-shots’, it’s way too cold now to go out without tights!

For the pattern I refined the one from the brocade skirt, but I brought the front princess lines more towards the center and I added pockets (in which the blackberry fits!). I also used the same piping from Pacific Trimmings :


The back, the lining and the waist facings remain the same except that I did a lapped zipper. I definitely do not like it as much as an invisible one…

I really like the fit and it has proven to be a lot more versatile than a gold skirt !

I should probably be making a basic black skirt in tropical wool now that I’m quite fast at it but I really like Dana’s lace one, so we will see…



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