A leather skirt for fall

I’ve been seeing full leather skirts everywhere and ended up finding them versatile (oooh the power of trends, there is probably nothing versatile about a leather skirt) so I decided to make one. I used a Burda pattern from last year in size 34 (that you can download here). I am in looooove the results. I do wear it everywhere, even to the office with either silk shirts or crisp Oxford shirts.

(my boyfriend is telling me silly things as he takes the picture…)

The fullness is really nice but it requires to buy pretty big skins (but the leather section of Mood is great and the staff is super helpful), don’t forget all your pattern pieces !!

Playing in my new favorite skirt !

I did an exposed zipper instead of an invisible one (doing them a lot lately). Pattern Runway has a great tutorial about exposed zippers. Even if it’s leather (actually especially if it’s leather), INTERFACE the zipper area, I did it and it still stretched a little…

The back, zipper could have been better…

I also interfaced the waistband and lined the whole skirts with leftovers of china silk from other projects.
close up

I really love this skirt and the pattern is so easy, I’m considering making another one (2?), I’m just not sure about the color: cream ? burgundy ? forest green ?

9 thoughts on “A leather skirt for fall

  1. Dana

    Very chic! I wish I lived in NY so I could shop at Mood.

    I’ve found that with leather or suede, it helps to use tissue or parchment paper between the skin and the presser foot to keep it from stretching. Looks fine in the pics, though. Great job!

  2. Jean

    This skirt is so cute — I love it! I’ve been thinking about sewing leather recently but haven’t summoned the courage yet — seems intimidating for some reason.

    • The Sewing French Girl

      It is not that different at all!! You can iron it with a Teflon shoe on your regular iron and for the sewing machine you just get a special needles and foot. Then you’re good to go!

  3. sewforward

    Adorable! I always think of leather for just handbags, but your skirt has changed my mind. I understand not wanting another if you are moving to the tropics, but the design so flattering couldn’t it adapted to another type of fabric?

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